Humble street food

by Adrienne Matt on May 10, 2007

in Street Food

People outside urban areas are flummoxed when they see us eating from push cart vendors. There’s an EEEWW factor. But some food, like the lowly falafel, have risen above the sneers on ocassion.
Rainbow Falafel on the northwest corner of Union Square has consistently awesome falafel. And the roasted cauliflower with tahini is off the hook. Cauliflower you seriously *want* to eat. No lie.
Today I had a falafel sandwich from Taza Deli. Their food is mediocre but it’s across the street from the office and, sometimes, you have no say where lunch is coming from.
This was one of the freshest pitas, almost succulently moist, ever to grace a not mushy-not dry, crispy falafel. And I like the fold over instead of inside technique. Almost like a gyro. The onions and tomatoes were diced small enough and the lettuce was not in strings. And just enough tahini.
I relished every mouthful, so there’s nothing left to take a picture of. Sorry. Next time.

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