Plum Sauce Recipe

by Adrienne Matt on August 29, 2007

in Fruit

I could not eat the pint of plums fast enough …they started to get mushy…so I made chutney.

If the plums are firm (mine weren’t), cut the flesh away from the pit. If they are mushy, squish them through your fingers. It’s loads of fun. Wear an apron! Coarsely chop the skins.

Sautee diced onion then add finely diced garlic and ginger. As they began to brown, add the plum guts and juice. Simmer for 5-7 minutes. Turn off the heat and wait to cool. Strain and reserve liquid. Some people like chunky chutney, others like syrupy chutney. Add the reserve liquid to your chutney as you like.

I’m bored with poultry. Serve with pan-seared meat — like buffalo or flank steak.

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