Arepa Recipe

by Adrienne Matt on September 1, 2007

in Gluten-free,Street Food

I woke up today craving arepas. The street vendor kind are my fave. But I had to improvise because I didn’t exactly have everything on hand for a traditional and “real” arepa. So here’s my modifed version…

1/2c corn meal
1 c boiling water
Drizzle the boiling water into the cornmeal and whisk with a fork. Cover the bowl and let sit for 5 minutes.
In a separate bowl, combine
1 egg
3 T finely shredded cheese (I used Romano)
1/3c half & half
Add 1/2c flour to cornmeal mixture and mix well.
Fold the egg mixture into the cornmeal mixture. You should have a gritty looking pancake batter.

Cook just like pancakes on medium-high heat, adding 1/2t oil every 2-3 cakes.
For a sweeter version, add 2T brown sugar and watch the batter closely. The sugar will make the cakes brown on the edges quicker.

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