Review: Les Halles’ Petatou

by Adrienne Matt on September 18, 2007

in Restaurant Reviews

After an event tonight, I ate at Les Halles on John St, downtown. I make a point of ordering things I cannot or have not yet made at home.
I selected the pate (which I do not have the inclination or patience to produce myself) and a petatou de chevre. Having just picked up some local chevre at the Union Square farmers market Monday, I was inspired.
The dish was well executed, although I might have the potato a little firmer. I loved the black olive brine. The goat cheese was slightly scorched, a thin veneer on top. A little decorative balsamic syrup drizzled on the plate. I wouldn’t do that.
Here’s a recipe from Epicurious’ site: petatou de chevre fraise au thyme et olives nicoises
I’m going to attempt a much simpler, country version.
And I’ll ask my French friends first :)
I don’t have a picture but it’s like a potato gratin, stacked, thinly-sliced potato with minced olive. Instead of the cheese being melted into the potato, it serves as a lid. Very cute.

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