Kefta & Eggs Recipe

by Adrienne Matt on February 15, 2009

in Beef & Lamb,Eggs

One of the dishes I cannot seem to get enough of is kefta meatballs with egg. It,s cooked in and served in a tagine.

The meatballs have been served in a variety of sizes, from nickels to racketballs. Some are smothered in tomato sauce, others have a mere sheen of sauce with a hint of curry. The eggs are either fried or poached and the yolks either runny or firm. Each region seems to have it,s own spice preferences, so trying the same dish in each city has been a very different experience.

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Fred February 15, 2009 at 10:49 am

Now, I want to go to Casablanca and Medina too!
Thanks for making us travel.


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