Latifa’s Harira Recipe

by Adrienne Matt on April 10, 2009

in Soups & Stews

I’m not a fan of Marrakech but the spectacle of Jamal el Fna is not to be missed. I had an awesome harira there in February and wanted to return just for that simple, Rahmadan soup!
Latifa showed me her version. The secret to the flavor is celery tops! Who knew?

Dice celery tops. Deshell cooked chickpeas. Mix the celery with diced onion. Brown beef in oil on high flame. Add celery and onion. Mince parsley and add to beef. Season beef with salt and pepper. Add Berber butter. Add harkom and zafron. Mix well. Add enough water to cover and secure with a pressure cooker. Cook for 20 minutes.

Cut tomatoes in half; using grater, scrape off seeds and pulp. Make a roux with flour and cold water. Mix together all three beans: dried lentils, dried white beans and cooked chickpeas. Add to beef. Add enough water to cover and secure pressure cooker. Cook 20 minutes.
Add tomato pulp and seeds plus tomato paste to beef. Mix well. Resecure pressure cooker and cook for 45 minutes.
Add pasta and more water. Cook for 10 minutes.

Add roux to thicken soup. Add butter. Bring to boil, stir well and add water. Repeat until the soup is a thin yogurt consistency.
Serve hot with dates.

The savory-sweet combination is specific to Moroccan cuisine. Dates make the soup!

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