Review: Bodegas Castanedas

by Adrienne Matt on May 4, 2009

in Restaurant Reviews

After an entertaining and vigorous walk through the Albaicin with Eric, the tour guide, he suggested Bodegas Castanedas on Calle Elvira for a hearty lunch. Nothing on the menu dazzled me so I picked two things I have not tried.

Artichoke hearts with anchovies and a baked potato salad with black olives, corn and canned tuna. They were a racion size (larger than a tapa), thus too much for me at one sitting, so I nibbled on both. Although I would make these at home (very simple to assemble), I wouldn’t order them again. Both dishes are great for the summer when the last thing you want to do is cook. The potatoes can be done in your rice cooker or steamer thus not heat up your kitchen.

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