Rhubarb Compote Recipe

by Adrienne Matt on June 22, 2009

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Rhubarb is in season and I have fond memories of it. As a kid, my sister and I would hide in the rhubarb patch in our back yard (it was the size of a postage stamp but we thought we were invisible back there). When mom would call us to dinner or, later, to bed, Marcia and I would squat beneath the huge leaves, perfectly still and watch the fireflies. Mom played along and pretended to be looking deep in the brush to find us. “Where can they be?” she would ask the deep humid air. We’d jump up, “Here we are!” She feigned surprise every time. Thanks, Mom :)
Strawberry-rhubarb pie, sour and sweet, is one of my favorite desserts.

But I want something for the morning, to perk up my mouth. So I made a compote.

10 stalks rhubarb, rinsed and diced
water, enough to cover
1/2c sugar

Place the water and sugar in a pot with plenty of room for the rhubarb to move around. Add the rhubarb and place on high heat. Bring to boil then lower the temperature to simmer until the rhubarb starts to call apart. Turn off the heat and let cool 10 minutes. Strain the rhubarb and keep the liquid. (It’s perfect for summer cocktails!)
I put my compote in a mason jar. This amount should fill one mason jar, provided you drain well.
Try adding this to breakfast cereal, cold or hot, like you would any other fruit — although, technically, rhubarb is a vegetable.

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