Clean Out Your Fridge!

by Adrienne Matt on June 26, 2009

in Tips & Tricks

My friend Niki called me when she was cleaning out her refridgerator at 10 o’clock at night. She saw a condiment jar I had dated when I visited them in the winter. And she thought of me. Ha ha!
So I’m encouraging you to do two things: 1) clean out your fridge 2) keep a sharpie in the kitchen and put the “open” date on all jars and containers. This one trick has transformed my relationship to condiments. It’s now a healthy one instead of a hoarding one.
Toss anything that you do not remember the meal you made with it. If you do have a brilliant memory, and that meal was more than 2 months ago, toss it. Toss all dairy — yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese. Toss pesto, tapenade, roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes and other pre-made blended/mixed veg spreads. Anchovies and capers seem to keep up to 6 months but when in doubt, throw it out.
If you’re daunted, just do one shelf — even if it’s the door shelf.

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