What’s Lurking in Your Rotter?

by Adrienne Matt on June 27, 2009

in Tips & Tricks

My sister and I saw a comedian do a piece on his fridge. He referred to the Crisper as the Rotter because everything he put in there rotted. We howled with laughter and have since referred to our own respective Crispers as Rotters.
Yes, even the best of intentions go horribly awry. Instead of beating yourself up over it, try some of these tricks.
If it’s green and leafy: Chop it up. In a big bowl of cold water put the chopped greens. Swish them around and drain. Repeat 2-3 times. Lay out the greens on a clean tea towel. Let them dry a bit then put them in a plastic baggie, squish out all the air and put it in the Rotter.
If it’s hard, like a root vegetable (carrot, beet, radish): Rinse and scrub the skins. If you use the tops, remove them and take care of them like the other greens (above). Peel and chop half of what you brought home. (I would keep the radishes whole.) Put the chopped pieces in a plastic baggie, squish out all the air and pop it in the Rotter.
These prep-ahead tricks will get you to *use* the veggies you brought home as opposed to them languishing in the Rotter.
And let me know if this one trick works for you!

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