Churrasco Fish

by Adrienne Matt on August 3, 2010

in Fish

Few things say “Summer” to me more than a beach-side shack serving cold beer and fresh fish. Tucked away in a swimming cove on the Alboran Sea, just outside Almunecar, east of Malaga, are two such churringitas.
We park at the top of a cliff, the Mediterranean sprawls below us, beckoning. We pay 2 euros to take the bus down a twisty, curvy, steep road. The walk is more of a hike and requires more gusto than the flipflops we have on.
One at the beach, there are lounge chairs for rent, a sarong man parading his wares, a refreshing outdoor shower and families and couples enjoying the surf and sand.

Scarlett and Chris prefer the churringita on the far side, so that’s the one I return to. This time, I have a new friend in tow. She cannot believe how secluded the beach is, how cold the beer is and how amazing the fish is.
The epitome of idyllic.

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