Review: Las Tomasas and A View

by Adrienne Matt on August 7, 2010

in Restaurant Reviews

Angeles wanted to watch the sunset from the Albazin for a view of the Alhambra in the pink and purple glow of early evening.

I was in search of a restaurant where we could watch and dine. We lucked out at Las Tomasas on Carril de San Agustín, 4 in Granada. And I promised her this was the most romantic dinner she had to endure with me :)

We arrived a bit early, 8:45 p.m. We rang the buzzer to be let in. After descending a few staircases, we were greeted by a waitress with a list. She asked our name. We explained that we didn’t have a reservation but would like to have an early seating. We then learned that this place has only ONE seating(!) and they were fully booked. Egads. Now that we has seen the view, we became tenacious and pleaded gently but persistently.

We got our wish. A 2-top was brought down from the bar and set for dinner. This part of the terrace straddled large patios on either side. We were exposed to every guest who came in but once they were seated, we enjoyed quiet and some privacy (and no screaming kids).
One thing I’ve learned from ordering wine in the south of Spain is that people tell you the wine is dry never is — ever. It’s always sweet. Tired of trying, we ordered a Calvente muscot (I love this label).

Our entrees were spectacular. Angeles had 2 types of mushrooms in manchego and cream. Divine. I had the monkfish/rape with a mushroom sauce, asparagus a wee spinach samosa with curry! Gluttonous, we ordered two desserts: the turron ice cream and lasagna de piononos “Casa Isla”, a 7-layer cake.

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