Roasted Bone Marrow Recipe

by Adrienne Matt on December 14, 2010

in Beef & Lamb

Now that bone marrow has become more faddish, it’s easier to find. My source is the farmers market at Union Square.
I consulted a handful of chefs I trust and here’s the method that worked.

2-3 marrow bones
3-5 bread slices (depending on size of loaf)

Turn on the oven to 400 degrees.
Line a sided oven-proof pan or baking dish with foil (to catch the fat).
When the oven is at the correct temperature, place the bones in the pan so the marrow stands up.

Bake for 10-15 minutes. You will see the marrow and fat melt on the bottom of the pan but the marrow will hold solid. Ideally, it will be translucent but firm.
When you remove the marrow from the oven, put the bread in the toaster.
To serve, remove the bones from the pan with tongs and set on a plate, marrow vertical. Arrange toast on plate. (There may be some fat on the bottom of the pan, I remove the foil and gently tilt the fat onto the toast.)
To eat, scoop out the marrow with either a demitasse spoon or carve it out with a knife. Slather on toast and season with salt.
Because it’s so rich, I suggest serving it with dandelion greens or parsley-lemon salad. Your liver will thank you!

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